Porter and the Pig – Barnyard Tales

What’s in a name?
I am often asked: ” Why is it Porter has a name, and the Pig doesn’t ?”
The three little pigs didn’t have a name either and they were famous.

The Million Dollar Pig
Two days ago when I was scrapping to feed the pig.. she was introduced to some new foods…now she thinks she’s ready for the big time.. I don’t think so… but, she will jump through a hoop , for a banana with peanut butter on it ! no kidding !!!…. I probably have a million dollar pig … and don’t know how to MARKET her !!!!!

The Pig Gets Picky

Ran out of Pig food this morning , so as I was leaving to go get breakfast .. here stands the Pig to get fed, (she eats dry dog food) .. I felt so bad , I went back in the house and made her a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, made me one too…she thinks she’s Hot Stuff !!!!!
When I ran out of dog food yesterday, to keep from going straight to the store, I fed the pig peanut butter and jelly, and a few dog treats, and a banana… this morning she’s not interested in dog food. A true story !!


Holiday Madness

Porter and The Pig are all excited about Labor Day, they have it confussed with the 4th of July !!!   They think we’re having fireworks and a party ,party,party!

Every time I tell the Pig… I’ts Labor Day … she waves the flag… that just excites Porter ! I need the  Bull and  Pig Whisperer !!

I’ve spent all morning trying to explain the difference between Labor Day and July 4th. to those two, it’s useless, they just don’t get it.

Any “Porter” in a storm….

Just had a heavy rain storm , lots of rain and lightning, was worried about the cows with all that lightning.  As the lightning passed and the rain let up, I was looking to see how the cows made out.  There was Porter pushing The Pig on a piece of plywood like a skim board!   … they won’t be able to play too long, … the water is draining pretty good.

The Pig is VERY territorial about her pool....





Porter, The Pig and the Cow Bird

Porter’s favorite cow bird was taking a bath in The Pig’s pool.. Splishin’ and splashin’ and having a great time. When the Pig saw what was going on … Here she come running!. Ran the bird out of the pool and back to his perch on Porters back.. That just happened ! The Catahoula is laughing herself to death!!

Porter and The Pig Spoil the Party

Last night I burned a camp fire in the pasture, me, the dogs, cows, and the pig..It was a lazy fire ..pretty well burnt down… I was playing a few campfire songs on the harmonica,and telling scary stories.
Every one was relaxed and seem to be enjoying themselves.. about that time the Pig and Porter snuck up behind the dogs and made a scary faces and noises and ruined our little party. One dog hasn’t come back yet!