Will there be ribs in Heaven ?…..

I once asked this question to my co-worker and good friend of 35 years. Those of you who know me well have heard me talk about my Preacher friend Leroy.

We worked side by side for years then one day our office was moved to a bigger room and the new arrangement left us back to back.  You don’t work that close to someone with out knowing them well. We confided in one another with very few secrets…. and it’s no secret, Leroy loved my BBQ.

As we were trying to get comfortable in our new office I asked;  “Leroy, will there be ribs in Heaven ?”

I will always remember his reply: “My brother, every thing you love here on earth, will be waiting for you in Heaven !” Thinking I had just broken the ice , our boss said, “Our dogs will be there too. ” He had slipped in between us and had apparently been there for some time.

As he walked out shaking his head, he wanted to know when I was cooking again…